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Our Good People Bring

Confidence to Change. 

Entiis. Your Trusted Co-Pilot in Transformation


Of businesses in Southeast Asia believe

digital transformation is "urgent".

Your Journey. Our Commitment. 

Ready to Evolve?

Ready to Evolve?

Why our clients choose us again?

When the going gets tough, we're that reliable co-pilot that steps up.
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Professional Services

Your All-in-One Hub for Observability, Automation and Data Intelligence

At Entiis, our award-winning team of top tier solution specialists, technical consultants and implementers are your trusted partners from start to finish. 

Entiis offers a unique blend of Consulting Services, Architecture Design, Advisory Services, Implementation and Deployment Services, all under the umbrella of our Professional Services.

Customization Beyond the Ordinary

✔ Architectural Mastery: Design and implementation of Entiis' diverse product suite.

✔ Consultative Excellence: Implementation and deployment services tailored to your current and unique situation.

Tailored Solutions

Where Innovation Meets Reliability

✔ Integration Prowess: Services and performance guarantees that ensure seamless functionality and reliability.

✔ Skill Empowerment: Comprehensive, hands-on training to maximize product utility.

Seamless Integrations

Real-time Insights, Real-world Decisions

✔ Insightful Monitoring: Leverage Entiis' expertise for actionable insights, improving system reliability, performance and overall health.

✔ Risk Mitigation: Advisory services to identify and mitigate potential risks during product or service implementation.

Actionable Insights

Let's Talk Soon

With our consultative approach, we make technology work for you.

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Cybersecurity Isn’t Just Defense, It’s Your Business Continuity Plan

With above 25 years of cybersecurity expertise, Entiis offers a comprehensive Cybersecurity framework to protect your critical assets from both external and internal threats. 

Entiis Cyber Security Frame comprises Threat Detection, Protection & Mitigation, Response and Remediation to ensure organisations have complete coverage against cyberthreats.
This Framework consists of an aggregation of best practices, technologies and processes to facilitate Discovery, Monitoring, Prevention, Detection, Analysis and Response & Remediation—ensuring you are well-equipped to tackle current and future security challenges.

Your First Line of Defence

✔ Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) to detect real-time threats using Machine Learning and AI to analyse and detect abnormalities including advanced searches to perform Threat Hunting.

✔ Critical Assets Discovery provides visibility of all your organisation’s critical IT assets. Comprising of Hardware, Software, Identities, Privilege Accounts, Keys & Certificates, APIs and more.

Threat Detection

Protecting Critical Asset and Minimising Risk

✔ Endpoint Security: Ensuring endpoints are well protected, Identities, Keys & Certificates and Privilege Accounts are protected 

✔ Critical Data and Assets Security: Data and other critical assets including Identities and Privilege Accounts, Certificates and Keys, and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are safe and not compromised. 

✔ Mitigation: Managing risks with regular compliance and review campaigns.

Protection & Mitigation

Bouncing Back Stronger

✔ Response: Quick and effective response strategies for any security incidents with use of AI, Automated Response and Incident Respond Playbooks.

✔ Remediation: Root Cause Analysis to identify root causes of breach and incorporating  Vulnerabilities and Patch Management, Security Awareness Training and Continuous Improvement and Monitoring.


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We don't just protect your assets; we empower you to thrive securely.

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Support Services

Your Safety Net in the Digital World

Empowering every step with unwavering support. We bring confidence to change.


Support Services are the silent yet robust pillars that support the architecture of your business's future, fortifying your journey against uncertainties of tomorrow. 

It's the final piece that completes the puzzle, ensuring that the bridge you cross with us is not only well-built but also well-maintained.

Extending your confidence in our solutions.

24/7 support: For premium clients of Entiis.


Reliable Coverage: Navigate business terrain with the assurance of our dedicated support. 


Continual Updates: Benefit from services that adapt to emerging technologies and your unique challenges.

Warranty Plus

Equipped for every eventuality.

Informed Preparedness: Move forward with the knowledge that potential scenarios are planned for.

Customized Contingencies: Personalized planning for market changes keeps you in control.

Scenario Planning

Charting long-term success.

Above 90%: client retention rate past 15 years.


Aligned Ambitions: Your goals guide our support, ensuring services grow with your vision.


Lasting Alliance: Our commitment is to evolve as a steadfast partner in your business's journey.

Future Mapping

Positive Transformation

Transforming Businesses, One Solution at a Time

We're the friendly folks and trusted allies behind change for good. 


When you're ready to take the next step, we're just a click or call away.

  • Revolutionizing Telco Operations: A Market Leader's Transformation
    Before Entiis: Outage detection was reactive, relying on customer complaints, followed by a cumbersome triage process involving multiple teams. After Entiis: Our observability solution proactively detects outages, alerts the relevant teams and streamlines the triage process, often resolving issues before customers even notice. Human Value: With Entiis, customer complaints turn into customer compliments.
  • Banking and FSI: Cybersecurity
    Before Entiis: The bank grappled with manual processes and limited scope in Identity Management, facing challenges in governance and lifecycle capabilities, hindering efficiency and scalability. After Entiis: Post Entiis's intervention, the bank automated its Identity Management, expanding to over 25,000 identities and 225 applications, significantly reducing resource needs for user access reviews and account management. Human Insights: Over 5 years of renewed partnership, Entiis's tailored solutions and ongoing support have solidified our role as the bank's preferred vendor, continuously enhancing their identity management systems.
  • Educating the Future: Streamlined Workload Management
    Before Entiis: No centralized monitoring or standardized reporting, leading to inefficiencies. After Entiis: Our solution offers agent-based scheduling, centralized management, and automated reporting, making it easier to focus on educational outcomes. Human Insight: When technology takes care of the mundane, educators are free to focus on shaping minds.
  • Healthcare's Lifeline: Observability and Network Management
    Entiis Solution: Our Observability and Network Management Solution offers smooth implementation, high-speed resolution, and superior event correlation, ensuring optimal user experience across thousands of devices. Human Insight: In healthcare, time is life. Our solutions ensure that your network never skips a beat, so you can focus on what truly matters—saving lives.
  • Banking and FSI: A Data-Driven Transformation
    Entiis Solution: Our Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution centralizes data access, enhances security, and enables real-time decision-making, transforming the way data is used and managed. Human Insight: Data is the new currency, and we ensure you're spending it wisely.
  • Banking on Efficiency: FSI's Proactive Monitoring
    After Entiis: Our Observability and Network Management Solution enables real-time monitoring of traffic signals, latency analysis, and service impact assessments, allowing for pre-emptive measures based on log analysis. Human Insight: In the fast-paced world of finance, every millisecond counts. We make sure you don't lose a single one.

Real-World Impact: Success Stories

Let's Talk Success

We're here to listen. No matter where you are on the adoption curve.

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