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Data Solutions

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Automation & Orchestration Solutions

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Observability Solutions

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Cybersecurity Solutions

Ensure an optimal end-user experience. Our solution provides full visibility across the full stack as it monitors traditional data centers, public clouds and hybrid environments. 

Data Centre Infrastructure Management

Scale and centralize your log monitoring. Our solution searches through everything using capabilities from real-time troubleshooting to detecting patterns and outliers with log categorization and anomaly detection.

Log Management

Monitor your software services and applications in real time. Our solution collects detailed performance information from various applications and methods using various requests types.

Application Performance Management

Strengthen your system overview. Our solution provides real-time overview while boosting end-users’ productivity with simple steps for tracking and managing IT assets for your systems deployment, patches or migration.

System Management

Focus your teams’ efforts. Our solution allows your teams to emphasize on more valuable tasks and projects by considerably decreasing troubleshooting time and efforts required to detect, understand and resolve various incidents at scale.


Enhance your connectivity services. Our solution allows you to reinforce your network operations, improve your users' experiences and boost your network transformation.

Network Management

Observability Solutions

Optimize your dynamic workflows. Our solution manages your set of multiple automated tasks from app deployment to connecting to a network as well as integrating with other systems.


Quah - Country GM, Malaysia

"Building trust with our clients isn't just a goal; it's a fulfilling journey at Entiis."

Streamline your data and workflows. Our solution gives you the automation capabilities needed to accelerate your digital transformation by managing workflows across platforms and resources on-prem and in the cloud.

Workload Automation

Automation & Orchestration Solutions

Automate your network services. Our solution manages your network resources and services and allow your NetOps teams to reduce time spent configuring, scaling and integrating network infrastructure and applications

Network Automation

Cybersecurity Solutions

Modernize your security operations. Our solution quickens your response time with AI-powered analytics for continuous monitoring of your systems and automated threat protection

AI for Cybersecurity

Assure consistent API quality and security. Our solution looks after your multiple APIs spread across different teams and tools and strives to maintain a proper standard and security for your data and critical applications.

API Management and Security

Save your operations costs and time. Our solution helps you to automate certificate generation and authentication to ensure your system has compliance enforcement, rapid incident response, and automated remediation.

Certificate and Keys Management

Take measures decisively. Our solution helps you to detect, investigate and respond to evolving threats by magnifying your host visibility with faster search capabilities, data analysis at scale, all using a single unified agent

SIEM and Audit Compliance

Establish the right access effectively. Our solution develops the fundamental capabilities for your teams to handle efficiently the identity access management and overcome any unprecedented access challenges of today

Identity Governance and Lifecycle

Secure your infrastructure and applications. Our solution protects the confidentiality of your sensitive data by controlling and monitoring all privileged identities and activities across your environment.

Privilege Access Management

Warren - Data Solutions Architect, Philippines

"Combine expertise, a commitment to excellence and agility, and what do you get? You get the transformative power of Entiis." 

Maximize your data utilization. Our solution unifies and integrates multiple data sources to be available in one platform facilitating the daily operations of your database and boosting your team productivity.

Data Federation / Virtualization

Store your data anywhere effortlessly. Our solution seamlessly ensures continuous availability and unlimited scale for your cloud native applications and builds your confidence to use the cloud, on-prem or hybrid environments.

Enterprise Database Management

Data Solutions

Analyze your data easily. Our solution provides simple data integration with your applications, aggregation offloading and is cloud and infrastructure agnostic to allow you to respond with actionable insights within no time.

Data Analytics

At Entiis, we're not just offering solutions; we're offering peace of mind. Tailored to meet the unique challenges of your industry, our solutions are designed to give you the competitive edge you need. Let's build a more secure, efficient and data-driven future together.

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